Colorful Art for Art Day

One of the things that makes me an artist is my love of color.

Oddly, my love of color comes partly from my partial color-blindness. I was diagnosed as having a red-and-green color-blindness, just as my Great Grandma Hinckley had life long, culminating in total black-and-white vision in her 90’s. The realization that I did not see colors as vividly as other people do gave me motivation to appreciate colors more, and ramp up the brightness and the contrasts of the colors I used in my artwork.

Color conveys emotion. It also makes your perceptions change, conform, and reshape themselves according to the artist’s use of the color. It allows the artist to reach into your heart and your head and change things.

If I have manipulated you with color and done something to your insides that I probably shouldn’t have done, I apologize. But, then again, I don’t apologize. It is simply what an artist does.

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