When the Reaper Grins at Me

My aunt died this July. The day after her 80th birthday, she had a massive heart attack and was gone with a suddenness that left us all apprehensive.

My summer sunflower, the one that came up voluntarily in the pile of extra dirt left behind by the re-setting of the retaining wall around our yard, a DIY project for 2019, had dropped over from lack of water while we were gone to Iowa and attending the funeral. I thought it was going to die.

The blossoms you see in the picture above all shriveled and died. But the thing is now growing again.

Watering the sunflower’s sad remains twice a day has yielded two new large and healthy blossoms growing upward from the decimated stalk.

We are not easily defeated, my sunflower and I. And neither of us can stay down and unhappy for long without being ourselves deceased.


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2 responses to “When the Reaper Grins at Me

  1. Next year you will likely see a few new seedlings there. Us weeds are tough.

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