More Saturday Art

I don’t believe my art will ever be gallery quality. I don’t know how long any of it can survive my own demise. My family is not overly concerned with preserving my piles of drawings and paintings. And I am not Van Gogh.

What I am is a hoarder of the things I have created. And one hope I have is that posting these things online will extend their existence at least for a little while.

I would remind you that I am a surrealist by choice. I generally juxtapose things and ideas and images that ate opposed in their interpretive import.


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3 responses to “More Saturday Art

  1. coolbrzy

    Many famous artists were not famous in their time. Many collections have come about because a single collector took a fancy and then other scattered works were found later after the collection went on exhibit years after the works were created. Sounds like you have a fairly large collection of your work. Some point in the future, you may consider creating a gallery, or even putting your work up for sale in an illustrators’ syndicate where writers/publishers looking for illustrations can purchase free lanced work.

    • I have always been a school teacher first and an artist second. Who knows what the future will bring. But I am currently in poor health and running out of time. I am putting it out there in every way I can afford to, and hoping for the best.

      • coolbrzy

        Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you are able to regain a semblance of health in the near future.

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