Mixed Media

I like to reblog old art posts because it lets me review old notions about how art really happens.

Catch a Falling Star

I am once again needing to write an easy post because I am feeling quite ill.  So let me talk about an artist thing that is totally boring for those who already know about this stuff and fascinating to anyone who always wanted to know art secrets from the secret tomes of drawing-wizards and painting-wizards.  So here is some of the arcana gleaned from years of experimentation in the tippy-top of Mickey’s wizard’s tower.


Pen and Ink – When I first discovered I could make pencil pictures of naked girls, long about the magical-hormone-age of twelve, I began regretting the fact that pencil pictures easily smear.  So, I had to find a further magical technique to make the pretties stay free of the dark clouds of graphite smudge.  The magic wand I chose first was the ink pen with black ink.  4th Dimension

Of course, I am not using examples of…

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