The Very Damp Night and the Following Dark Day

Texas weather is getting wildly wonky. For the third time, and also the worst time, it rained so hard that the water coming downhill from the neighbor’s yard flooded through cracks in the brickwork outside and endampened the family room carpet. It is a mess. And probably not covered by insurance, since we didn’t specifically have flood insurance, and if we did, we didn’t have downhill-racing flooding insurance rather than up-from-the-creek flooding insurance. The Princess’s bedroom had two inches of water on the floor where flooding had previously destroyed her carpet.

And since that wasn’t test-of-our-character enough, the electricity went out at 11:00 p.m. and didn’t come back until 11:00 a.m. this morning. Twelve hours of darkness, no air-conditioning, no fans, standing water everywhere, and a panicky dog afraid of the thunder… How can that not be good times? But we survived it. Better than a tornado. Right? That’s probably reserved for next time.


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4 responses to “The Very Damp Night and the Following Dark Day

  1. That’s why one should prep for disaster to the best of one’s ability.

  2. Yikes. The flooding seems to be more frequent these days as the weather systems stall or move slowly. Take care my friend.

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