Overcoming Computer Conundrums

I don’t actually write in darkness… well, not always. The computer screen was just too bright for the camera.

My computer was hacked last week. I clicked on a link from a Russian I didn’t know well on Twitter. It was supposedly a YouTube video link in response to my recent YouTube videos. But it was a wicked, warty virus from the sleazy side of Computertown. It forced me to log into my Google Chrome account again as it downloaded spyware to capture my password. Once logged into my Google account, they could look at all my saved passwords. The potential for disaster was clear. I did not know how much control they had over my computer at the time, or what they were actually doing. So, I used my McAfee security program that I bought as a result of the previous hack by a disreputable security company to clean away the spyware and trackers. I then got a McAfee technician to remotely go in and find any lingering Trojan Horse viruses and eliminate them. It turned out that I had already eliminated all bugs with my initial cleaning. All that remained was to solve the revealed password problem. Which wasn’t hard. All my credit card accounts are closed due to bankruptcy. Those passwords were all useless to the stooges who were looking at them. I had a bank card password on the list, but it was the password previous to the current one. I changed it and stopped saving it on Google the last time I was hacked. There were a few other passwords to change, but there was no way for them to steal anything from any of those unless they want to pretend to be me on the nudist website I wrote blog posts for, though that is not linked to any possible payments or funds. I will know if they decide to post things for me. And who knows? Maybe they will join the nudist community online. I do know some Russian nudists from Twitter.

Hopefully, that puts an end to my bout of Russian computer flu. I hope you are taking precautions too. Google Chrome is NOT a secure place to store passwords. I learned that the hard way. Take the easy way and learn from my mistake, because the fakers will get you too eventually, and you don’t deserve to lose any money to criminals.

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