The 13th Sense

I am thinking with that old 13th sense again because my daughter and I are both sick with a severe cold, I am almost out of money in the middle of the month after paying doctors for flu tests that thankfully proved negative for actual flu, and I still am not well enough to drive for Uber and make any extra money. So this re-p0st should adequately explain the loopy Mickian thinking I am using in my sick, stupid old head.

Catch a Falling Star


I know that you are probably thinking, “What the heck are you thinking, Mickey? There are really only five senses!”

And I am probably thinking, (ignoring the fact that I should know for certain what thinking is present at least in my own stupid head), “Oh, I think you are probably wrong about that,” considering carefully that I should only think this and not say it out loud, because people get mad when you suggest that you are smarter than they are.”

Besides the five senses we all claim of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, there is also that one people often refer to as “the sixth sense”, and by that phrase they don’t necessarily mean that you “see dead people who don’t know they are dead”. Instead, that sense is kinda like a sense of intuition. A feeling that you simply know what is about to occur, or…

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