When the Old Mind Wanders…

I can be inordinately goofy at times… and sometimes even poetically goofy.

Catch a Falling Star


When the old mind wanders…

They tell you you’re just too slow.

But thoughts like mine drift everywhere,

And the edges of the universe… are a place to go.

Maybe I should write in red.

And argue with the voices

That rhyme inside my head.

And break the rhyme scheme 

Here and there

Because of what they said.

EdenOr maybe I should write in blue

Because I’ve been thinking in the nude

And laying all my secrets bare

Which really might be rude.


But the old mind wanders…

In the form of a poem,

And breaks and squanders

Tallest waves in mere foam.

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3 responses to “When the Old Mind Wanders…

  1. The re-blogging of this makes my 2,000th post on WordPress! 😀

  2. congrats, i’m almost there, too! )

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