The Use of Magic Words

Here’s a new magic word; “reblog” meaning, using an old post to fill time and space because you are too lazy to do actual work.

Catch a Falling Star

Eli Tragedy

Okay, Mickey, you have said you have confidence in science to the point of not believing in God… at least not the Christian imaginary sky-friend with the white beard and bad temper.  But your use of magic words then makes you a hypocrite.

What?  Magic words, you say?

You heard me.  You use words that give you special powers.  And you believe in them like some kind of anti-science religious zealot.

15356601_10211194020155749_2716277710019226432_n                                                                                                   Thank you, Bruce Rydberg, for giving me this useful meme.

Okay, you caught me.  There are certain words that do have super powers.  I know because I have used them…

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2 responses to “The Use of Magic Words

  1. Great quote by Heisenberg. He is a much misunderstood character in science.

    • I can’t say I understand him. I know a lot about physics from having arthritis and experiencing impact damage. But I am entirely uncertain about the uncertainty principle. Although I do know a principal who was never certain of anything in his career.

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