Saddle Up the Rooster

If you are wondering why a crazy old man who writes a daily blog would re-photograph and post a picture he did thirty years ago of a naked fairy princess riding on a chicken with her bug-boy boyfriend, then the answer is simple. He is ill again. Possibly coming down with the flu or something equally horrible and potentially fatal. And thinking is hard for him. He cannot even manage to shift his feverish head into first-person point of view. So enjoy the picture and save the complaints for when he is smarter again and answering with a cool head… or possibly when he croaks and becomes a ghost writer.

The picture is modeled on reality, by the way. And that is not merely the fever talking. He made the picture of the girl from a real nudist girl riding on a horse instead of a chicken. The rooster was also real. But probably not as large as portrayed here. Of course, the bug-boy was actually the girl’s older sister, and not entirely green. Oh, and the saddle that fits over chicken wings is entirely imaginary. So, there you have the proof. Real! 100% real! …well, if you subtract 65% for vivid imaginings anyway.

I am sure that once the goofy artist and blogger is healthy again… or relatively not dead in any case… he will be totally embarrassed at having posted this Paffooney picture and the accompanying positively perforated prose. So forgive him his indisposition, and better things will come tomorrow.


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6 responses to “Saddle Up the Rooster

  1. That’s a comical reading!I love it😉

  2. I think it’s a cool picture. My fever has broken but my throat still hurts and I cough my lungs out when the Robitussin wears off.

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