Gingerbread Notions

The truth of the matter is, this blog is meant to promote my books, and I need to be using it more for that purpose.

Recipes for Gingerbread Children is a self-published book.  And I do not at present have enough money to live on, let alone pay for a professional-quality editor.  So, it is possible that, if you bought one right now on Amazon, you could be the very first person to ever read the book aside from me, the idiot who wrote it.  I am aware that, sadly, the fact of it means I have done a terrible job promoting this book so far.  Other authors have buyers lined up to buy a copy as soon as the book debuts.  And it is a very good book (so says the author-guy who is prejudiced by his own pitiful teacher-ego).  

I am not going to beg anybody or bribe anybody to read this book.  (Unless that would work… in which case, “Please! Please! Please!” and what would it take to convince you?)   But I trust that sooner or later it will find a reader.  And there will be someone, somewhere that falls in love with this story.  I would like to live long enough to see that happen.  But if I don’t, I wouldn’t be the first writer or artist to go through that.  You’ve heard of Vincent Van Gogh and Franz Kafka, haven’t you?

Here is a link to that book on Amazon;

And now I dare you to be the first person ever to read it.

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  1. it looks really cute -)

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