Green and Fuzzy Blue Brainwork

I need to post something for today, so here’s a re-post of a piece I am proud of though it is merely noodle-notions garnished with Shakespeare sauce.

Catch a Falling Star


There is reason to believe I have to reroute some of the back roads on the road map of my thinking parts.  I have been spending a lot of time in Elizabethan England lately due to my obsession with who I think Shakespeare really was.   There are a lot of dark alleys to be plumbed on that section of the map.  I really admire the Roland Emmerich film Anonymous about Edward deVere, the Earl of Oxford being the real writer behind the works of Shakespeare, but I do recognize that it is a work a fiction, and an altered-history work of fantasy fiction at that.    So I find myself not yet ready to tackle that particular essay in the Shakespeare series as yet.  More think time and creative-mixing time is needed.  I need to stop at one of the quaint little mental inns on that particular Elizabethan back…

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3 responses to “Green and Fuzzy Blue Brainwork

  1. Shakespeare. firvthe mind is as chicken soup is for the soul. Have a superb day!

    • I regularly pour Shakespeare by the play-full into my mind, but i haven’t tried putting chicken soup directly into my soul. How do you do that? Pour it in your ear? Or just eat it? I have grave doubts about the ear method.

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