When Things Go Wrong

  • Some days are bad days because no matter what you do, everything goes wrong even in spite of the measures you take to deal with every late-blooming snafu.
  • I have to get my drivers’ license renewed, but the State now requires an authenticated birth certificate to get your license renewed. After all, you may have been an illegal alien the last time you renewed it.
  • They hid the DMV from me. The old location is now a computer game shop. And the DMV site I went to today does not issue licenses. That is not confusing at all.
  • And my computer now officially has a virus. Norton can’t remove it. McAfee will have to do the job or give me my money back. But it ground away at a deep scan, and after eight hours I have only seen 8% progress.
  • I had to finish this post on my phone.
  • So, today ‘s post literally had to be phoned in.
They hid the DMV from me.

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