Clowns Complete


Clowns in Color

    Clowns Complete

          Clowns with Smelly,

                    Great Big Feet!

The picture I have been working on of the clowns of Sing Sad Songs is now finished.

These are the clowns;

  • Mr. Dickens (Boz) the clown of character
  • Mr. Shakespeare (the Bard) the clown of creativity
  • Mr. Disney (Diz) the clown of comedy
  • Mr. Poe (with his pet raven Nevermore) the clown of consequences


Filed under clowns, colored pencil, humor, novel, Paffooney

4 responses to “Clowns Complete

  1. i do really like your picture, even if i don’t to hang out with them )) your clowns don’t look scary to me )

  2. I love your sketches and drawings, Mickey. There is a mysterious aura about them and I am loving it.

    • Thank you. I rely on Merlin’ s Magical Tome of Colored Pencil Usage for the spells that enchant them. And I sometimes call upon the ghost of Agatha Christie for the mystery. Oops! Secret is out.

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