Terminal Thoughts

This is not an essay about what I am thinking while sitting in an airport terminal.  This is about the end of things.  Not just my own personal end, which via heart attack or stroke may happen at any moment.  But the ends of hope and dreams, of birds and bees, and possibly life on earth.


On his last hunt, Eric bagged two illegal immigrants and a lion.  He would’ve bagged the girl too, but his dad the President reminded him that Judy Garland is a white girl and he doesn’t have a current hunting license for that.

Now, I just eliminated 75% of Trumpkins with that last joke, mainly because they didn’t understand, but also because they feel insulted by it.  Whenever I say anything about how the current government policies have impacted my health, wealth, and happiness they tell me I am a snowflake and they insult me further because I hurt their feelings.  25% will keep reading to find ammunition to use in hate memes on Facebook and rage tweets on Twitter.  After that last Facebook kerfluffle, I am tempted to disengage from social media.  They are not buying my books because of it.   They are only getting madder and madder at me and hating me more and more for being a goddam liberal.  Though, when asked, they still assure me they would never unfriend me.

Relationships with people I have always known and cared about are one of the things threatened with imminent demise.    The domination of politics and government by the Republican Party is the reason why.I

I myself don’t have to worry too much about the demise of prosperity.  I am already bankrupt and planning for a future life living in a cardboard box.  But as Trumpian economics continue to work on world markets, everyone else will soon be joining me in suburban-yard farming and eating insects for protein.  Tariffs and trade wars are already destabilizing the world’s economy.  Stocks are beginning to fall.  Of course, the consequences won’t fall on us like a ton of bricks until after enough Republicans win re-election in 2018 to protect Cinnamon Hitler from the crimes he committed to become President.


Of course, the biggest coming demise that I wish to lament in this post will basically take care of all other things.  The demise of all life on earth will pretty much take care of anyone’s need to lament about anything.  As the world becomes hotter and hotter, and the oceans turn to acid and rise to swallow Miami, and the planet becomes more of a twin to Venus, the Koch Brothers and others who profit from polluting will be laughing about it.  They will either be safely dead of old age or ensconced in gilded survival bunkers.  They may even have another planet to live on already.

Okay, as I hyperbolize and carry on about doom and gloom, I need to remind you that I am a pessimist.  I always plan for the worst so that I can only be pleasantly surprised.  And it really can’t get worse than what I am planning for here.  But that is not to say there is no hope.  All of these problems have solutions.  But I don’t anticipate they will be solved under present conditions.


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3 responses to “Terminal Thoughts

  1. Definitely a dim view of things. Some of your points are interesting (not sure if that’s the correct word), but I find it hard to engage those points due to the significant bias you appear to have put behind them. I do not think I lean “left” or “right”. In truth, I have little use for having an opinion about something simply because it is “left” or “right” – one way or the other. I try to look at things from as many perspectives as I can and hope to be informed before I develop an opinion of my own. So, I say this as I attempt to apply critical thinking to what you have said – and in most things I read, hear and discuss, for that matter. I don’t know if my level of success is anything spectacular, but I do try.
    I guess what I’m getting at here is that your words are just dripping with contempt for that which is considered Republican or “the right”. You appear to openly blame them for having a hand in most, if not all, of the negative things you have mentioned. At the same time you also appear to complain about the backlash you have received and will receive for saying these things with such an apparent bias toward the “left” and blatantly condemning the “right”. How could you not get backlash for voicing such a stance that seems to be pretty far away from anything moderate? If you do not want to get such backlash, you will have to stifle yourself when engaging in this blog or other forms of socializing (person to person and/or media). Otherwise, as I see it, those with opposing views are going to lash out at you for strongly voicing your views and your contempt for theirs.
    I’m not trying to say your approach is wrong as I don’t see a right or wrong here. (And you have many more followers than me, so you’re doing something right) I’m just saying you cannot “cast stones” and expect to not have some thrown back at you.
    With that said, I can still say that while I disagree with your bias, I respect that you have your perspective on these things. I just feel like I could not have a productive discussion with you about some of this. My concern is that you would supply arguments that are based only on the way you see them versus having some less biased and more rational points to support your view. Also, I would be concerned that you would simply have no intention of considering my possibly differing points of view. And since I have no desire to get into a “rock throwing” battle with you, I will simply not engage in the first place.
    I guess it seems silly that I’ve taken this time to offer my thoughts on the bias without actually engaging in discussion over the things you’ve mentioned. In fact, I’m tempted to delete this and not post it at all. I, however, have felt compelled to try and point out that the difficulty you seem to have had from expressing some of your views might have more to do with the level of apparent contempt you have shown for opposing views.
    For what it’s worth, I hope your situation improves or, at the least, does not get worse. I also agree with planning for the worst. Being prepared for the worst – while seemingly pessimistic – still, as I see it, makes you better prepared to deal with situations than many.

    • I hope you don’t feel that I am insulting you or your beliefs with my posts. I am by political philosophy an Eisenhower Republican. But by remaining a moderate since the 70’s I have been recast as a liberal as Reaganomics, the Tea Party, and now Trumpism have shifted the entire political landscape to the right. But I am not a radical political person in any sense. I consider myself a humorist. This post is supposed to be apocalyptic hyperbole. I offer it more as a starting point for thinking about how to solve the problems we have made for ourselves. I also have to admit to myself that I am coming off a dark week where I was actually wrestling with suicidal depression due to health problems and chronic pain. I believe there are solutions to these problems, but this post was all about exaggeration and black humor. I appreciate the trouble you went to comment and call me out on my prejudices whether they are real or not. We should always be aware of our missteps and overreaching. I hope you will not give up on reading my nonsense, and maybe you should look at one or two of my teacher posts to get a sense of what I really believe in. Thank you for bearing with me.

  2. No intention of “giving up”. I obviously did not pick up on the tongue in cheek aspect. In my ongoing attempt to learn, I will look for thise posts. Sorry to hear you got that low. It is a good thing that you didn’t “opt out”. Thanks for your response.

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