Marching Into the Sunrise


Life isn’t exactly fair.  After working hard at being a teacher for 31 years, I was forced to retire by poor health.

I have diabetes.  And I was told recently by medical professionals that if I have a heart attack, I probably won’t be able to feel it coming on.  Not much hope for surviving it when it comes.

Retirement for me has been a matter of diminishing returns.  Reduced income gradually led to hospital bills I couldn’t pay and predatory banks with toothy credit card deals forcing me into bankruptcy.  Now I can’t afford to pay rising property taxes on a house that is falling apart from foundation problems and old age.  So, in the near future, we will lose the house.

But I am not ready to give up and die just yet.  I still have stories to tell.  There are still people who care about me.   I still have the ability to tell a joke or two and make people either smile a little or cringe a little.  I have already published six good novels filled with a bit of humor and a lot of life.

Let tomorrow come.  I am ready.  Time to face it like a good soldier, marching forward, weapons at the ready.  Even if the bright sun is in my old eyes.

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