Lazy Sunday Non-Posting


Dilsey Murphy, my favorite minor character

Some days… some rainy, nasty,  high-pollen days… I just don’t feel well enough to do the usual amount of writing.

Five hundred words on the daily post and five hundred words on my novel project are the usual product.

Today I give you a look at an artwork that I scanned in four parts and put together with a cheap photoshop program.  This is a picture of Dilsey Murphy, a supporting character in The Bicycle-Wheel Genius and Magical Miss Morgan.  She’s wearing a Carl Eller jersey for watching Sunday football with her dad Warren Murphy, a rabid Minnesota Vikings fan.  She is one of my favorite characters of all time as a minor player in a large number of my hometown stories, both written and unwritten.

So, that is the best I can do for today in this particular goofy little blog.  Less than 200 words, but with a Paffooney I am proud of.



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3 responses to “Lazy Sunday Non-Posting

  1. Yeah, except the Vikings played like amateurs today. WTF! Not the same team that tied with the Packers last week. Hope they get their sh** together for the game in LA on Thursday…

    Have a great week!

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