How to Be Offended by Practically Everything

Old opinions, unlike fish forgotten in the back of the refrigerator, can be aired out again without stinking too badly.

Catch a Falling Star

I have recently been told that I am too easily offended.  In fact, I have been repeatedly told that.  Apparently I overreact to things that should not upset me or should not be taken personally.   Apparently my humor is too flippant and insensitive.  I am told that I should not have an issue with people using the Confederate Flag on Facebook posts, even when they are insisting that their rights are being violated if they can’t fly that flag next to the U.S. Flag on Veterans’ Day… even though they are from Iowa and their ancestors fought and died for the Union.  I am told that I should not be upset that Donald Trump wants to deport almost all of my former ESL students because he thinks they are rapists and drug dealers.  He hasn’t met them.  And he even admitted that he “assumed some are good people”.  But…

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2 responses to “How to Be Offended by Practically Everything

  1. Do you know what happens when you’re offended? Nothing. I’m offended daily by the complete lack of courtesy and attentiveness people have on the roads of DFW. Do you know what has happened since I became offended? Nothing. My daily commute is still rife with people who have a complete and utter lack of respect for others on the road. About all I can do is complain and voice my opinion. Sometimes I get a response – not necessarily positive responses when I express that I have been offended. Most times, though, nothing happens.
    There is nothing wrong with being offended. There is nothing wrong with announcing that you’re offended. But don’t expect to have others suddenly become concerned about it. And those that do respond might not have the response you were hoping for.

    • Thanks for the lecture and blunt judgemental statements. I happen to agree with you completely, but if I was in a mood to be offended… well, I probably still wouldn’t be able to work up a good hissy snit, because you are definitely right.

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