Some Silly Sunday


It is entirely too hot in Texas.  Hot enough, I think, to make Tinmen dance and old retired teachers like me sleep so much of the afternoon that they can’t get any wisdom written.

I believe I have finally reached an end of having to reset passwords for my backup computer.  I managed to pay most of my online bills after resetting and being basically 100% forgetful of passwords.

I am still at war with my new scanner/printer.  It refuses to be used for scanning or printing even though it is online, networked, and it occasionally pukes out a random print that 50% of the time is actually what I asked it to print.  It is a nightmare of router PINS, printer drivers, and online help instructions that never seem to actually fit together properly.


I think that I have used pictures of metal men in this post because I have been mechanically going through the motions today.  I move like a stiff-legged tin soldier as I try to wash dishes, work on computer issues, and deliver food for Uber in my hot automobile.  I don’t seem to be getting much done.  But I can live with that as long as I can live to write another day.

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