Making My Way Home


Yesterday I drove for 14 hours from Texas to Iowa to see my folks.  (For those who monitor this blog because they are burglars planning to break in to steal my collection of Barbie dolls, I left family members at home, including the family dog who is incredibly fierce and has eaten Barbie burglars before… and has learned to love the taste.)

But I missed the window of opportunity to accomplish what I really wanted from this trip.  If I had had a choice, I should’ve come up to Iowa for the July 4th holiday when my Iowa/Missouri family would’ve all been together.  So this will be a vacation about connecting with home without most of the people who make up that home.  Both of my octogenarian parents are still alive and living here in what was once my grandparent’s  farm house.

So I have about nine more days to rest and recuperate.  I can reconnect with my parents (though probably not run races against them).  I can reconnect with the places where I grew up and got my education.  The farm house.  The family photos from black-and-white days.  I have access to things of the past more than things of the present.  So, if my posts upcoming seem like time travel, that’s because they are.  Time to make my way home again.


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4 responses to “Making My Way Home

  1. I have to go Home a few times a year, myself. I like my home in Carrollton just fine (23 years now), but Home is St. Louis and always will be.

  2. Home for me Texas, in Addison. Actually came back from a trip to Des Moines a few weeks ago myself! Cooler temps there!

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