A Little Bit Here, A Little More There


How do you build something big and complex that would seem to be beyond the power of ordinary men to do by themselves?

20180620_093511  The pen-and-ink Paffoonies I have placed in this post are both examples of the answer to the question.  I spent numerous days penciling and inking separate pieces of each picture in small chunks of time, fifteen minutes here, twenty minutes there, bits and pieces of time.

The Downtown Animaltown picture shows at least one consequence of the process.  The forced perspective, especially in the roofing area looks wrong because it wasn’t precisely rulered.  That was, of course, intentional.  It was a happy accident, but goofy perspectives are a feature of cartoon worlds.

The gnarly old tree in the Buffalo Castle Paffooney was created in at least five separated pieces.  Inking the leaves actually fractured the time spent inking by twenty or thirty more.

So big things are created by a compounding of little things.  This is also how novels occur.  The bricks of character, scenes, plot twists, and themes are baked one at a time over a space of years, and then assembled into the castle of the whole story.

Little things that fit together can definitely make bigger things.

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