Saturdays With The Herculoids

Here’s an appropriate re-post for a Saturday morning. I do miss cartoons on Saturday morning.

Catch a Falling Star


When I was a kid in Iowa in the 1960’s Saturday morning television was the singular source of fuel for the imagination.  I loved the various adventure cartoons.  Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Thundarr the Barbarian, and the Herculoids were the source of endless lets-pretend games in Granpa’s grove and in the old barn.

I suppose the characters I envisioned myself being the most often were Zandor and his son Dorno.  These two practically naked people lived on a primitive planet that had to constantly be defended from space-faring invaders and free-booters that had ray-gun technology on their side.  The only weapons that the practically naked barbarians were able to use against the villains were exploding rocks that were shot out of a slingshot by Zandor and Dorno and Tara, or out of the horn-gun on the head of Tundro the living tank-beast with too many legs.  Of course, Igoo the…

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June 9, 2018 · 2:33 pm

3 responses to “Saturdays With The Herculoids

  1. Haha. The nostalgia, right. I wanna be a kid again. Things are much better when you’re a child.

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