For the Love of Reading!

Yes. I read constantly. My guilt is now published.

Catch a Falling Star


Yes, I know it looks awkwardly painful to read on the floor in a scroochy position like that, but that was me as a kid.  I was the awkwardest nerd in Wright County, Iowa, when I was a boy.  But Dr. Seuss taught me early on to read and enjoy the imaginary worlds that reading created in my stupid little head.

I don’t remember the first actual book I read, other than to firmly believe it was a Dr. Seuss book like Yertle the Turtle, or Horton Hears a Who!  But I do remember the first chapter book, the first great adventure.  It was The White Stag by Kate Seredy.  It was the Newberry Medal winner published in 1937, and told the mythical journey of Hunor and Magyar, two brothers and leaders of two peoples who are on an epic quest to find the land where they belong…

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June 1, 2018 · 8:06 pm

5 responses to “For the Love of Reading!

  1. Reggie German

    I still read and write while on the floor. Excellent writing and message!

    • Thank you. I only had 31 years of teaching reading in Texas public schools to practice.

      • Reggie German

        Well, it seems to be paying off! That is some great dedication right there. I’m on year three, as an educator.

      • Year three is impressive in its own way. Teachers who make it past years one and two have accomplished something people without super powers can’t really do.

      • Reggie German

        Thank you so much, Michael! My only hope is to be a role model for my students. Hopefully, I can reach 31 years. That’s amazing!

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