Warrior Elves

Here’s an old D&D post with a Paffooney I love.

Catch a Falling Star

One of the most interesting parts of the old-time Dungeons & Dragons campaign were the elves and the part they played in sweeping adventures and war.  Elves, who revere magic and live closer to nature than humans, were a popular part of our game.  Nobody wanted to play an elf, however.  They just wanted to recruit them as NPC hired help.  I was able, though, to create a few with character.  The elf Fernando was a thief and an illusionist.  When a Minotaur killed him, the players worked hard to bring him back from the dead.  Of course, he was named after one of the players, one of the reasons they were fond of him.  The elf Apollo was inspired by the Elfquest characters of Wendy and Richard Pini.  Those comics were read and reread till they started to come apart at the staples.  I still have them.  The Paffooney…

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