I have lately taken to reblogging some of my previous old posts, some of the 1,676 I have at the moment and this one probably adds to.  I do it not because I am being lazy, but because now, more than ever, I have people looking at my posts, looking at the pictures, and even sometimes reading what I wrote.  So I take pride in re-presenting some of the little essays I am most proud of or have recently rediscovered myself.

Yesterday was focused on lying as an art form.

Mark Twain

That’s actually Mark Twain in the background of this picture.  Which is a lie.  And if you can’t easily tell that, then no wonder Trump is now our president.

I re-blogged an old essay on telling lies… a how-to sort of piece called Lying as a Form of Social Responsibility  And then I promptly followed that up with a bit about one of the biggest lies I told my classes every year when they asked me how old I was and why I wasn’t already retired.  I called it Mickey is 561 & 1/2 Years Old which is a lie, but probably reasonable to believe considering the old saying, “Old English teachers never die.  One day they just lose their class.”


On the day I had the weird confrontation with the coyote in the early morning light I wrote Morning With Coyotes and found it to be such a weird experience that I had to re-post What Do Martians Look Like?


Today I found a piece that I still love very much called Mother Mendocino and re-blogged it, and it already had 9 views before I even finished this essay about re-blogging.


So re-blogging isn’t just being lazy and fishing for likes, it is about reconnecting old ideas to new.  And to relive past writing moments and treasured reflections.  I intend to do more of it.  Especially with posts so old that you newer readers have never had the chance to look at the pictures and ignore the text.  So now I have fulfilled my moral obligation to warn you of what’s coming.  Now protecting yourself from what I might re-blog next is entirely your responsibility.


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4 responses to “Reblogging

  1. Nothing wrong with refining and re-presenting old stuff. Have so many people that no longer seem to follow and so many new followers that never saw my cartoons of the past. Plus I have redrawn 500 cartoons, a process taking many months , so the old ones are new and crisp and now all drawn in same size squares instead of various sizes of vertical or horizontal rectangles. Improvements in the sketches were also made.

  2. I have found myself, from time to time, writing posts only to find that I already wrote about the subject in the past and then forgotten about it. My blog has 3,349 published posts, so there is stuff to forget. I also found that if something was interesting to me 5 years ago, I might as well reblog. My readers today are completely different than my readers 5 years ago. Recycle the good stuff!

    • I’m glad I am not the only one. I have a lot of posts in the past that I thought were good that barely had any views. Some of those even get liked a second time by some loyal readers.

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