Up From the Depths


The sun rises on a new day even after a relentless series of bad events and reversals of fortune.  I spent most of the last three days going back and forth to the hospital.  I can’t tell you who is in the hospital, or even what kind of hospital.  It is not me this time.  And there is a stigma that goes with this kind of hospital stay that can darken the rest of your life.  People generally accept that cancer and heart attacks are not a punishment for bad behavior.  They seem to think, however, that depression is somehow a matter of poor choices and immoral practices.


Treating depression is not voodoo or a matter of opinion.  It is science.  Swiftly improving and ever-more-complex science.  And nobody is dead or dying.  So I am going to get my family through this awful thing.

Besides, I am Mickey.  How do you permanently bring down a purple-furred mouse-man with a goofy grin?  Of course, the relentless pounding of multiple misfortunes is a start.  Still, there has to be a joke I can tell or a song I can sing that will solve it all.

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