Urgh! The Taxman Cometh

I am now incapable of coherent thought.  Wait!  Did that last sentence make sense?  I guess I am not dead yet.  So I have avoided the Grim Reaper,  But not the Taxman!


The book I need to take more seriously now.

I wasn’t expecting to make the kind of money from Trumpig’s “Big beeyootiful tax cut” will provide to his wealthy-pig friends.  I have no illusions about him ever doing anything to benefit me.  But I figured I shouldn’t have to pay extra.

Stupid me.

Somehow Trumpig’s tax cut affected the withholding amount for my pension taxes.  Something like $120 a month that retroactively applied to all twelve months last year.  I still owe the government $1,320!


I had planned to finish up taxes yesterday evening and then get a good night’s sleep.  Then I saw that tax bill and didn’t sleep a wink.  I am already in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy because Bank of America sues people for more than you owe them if you make the mistake of hiring a debt reduction company to help you pay off credit cards.  But the universe is obviously adverse to me making and keeping any money at all before I am riding in a hearse.  Wait!  Did I just lapse into bad poetry?  Death and taxes will mess with your head, that’s for sure.

So now I need a day off to just sleep and feel sorry for myself. I’ll get angry at Trumpig tomorrow and decide how I will handle this latest hurdle in the human race… or human obstacle course… or whatever that stupid metaphor was I cannot even remember any more.


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2 responses to “Urgh! The Taxman Cometh

  1. Best wishes on all fronts.

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