Dingle Bezookles Dumm

DYnmUfDWsAEZIQxPay tentershawn to Dingle when he schtumms,  koz when he schtumms he schtumms from eggzspearie antz.

For inzst antz, take the Kayse of the Bay the Diddler Bezookled.

It all geeban oodlie enuff.

Dingle was in the Dinglecove with Pug Wart.

“Pug Wart!  I muss put my gingkie in your pazzoozle and make it tharm.”

“Hokay, Dingle, I weel tok it off my hett.”

So he took the pazzoozle off his hett and let Dingle put the gingkie in.

(Author’s note *** Be careful how you translate this.  These words do NOT mean what you’re probably thinking they mean.***)

“Why does the gingkie onee hev three of its four neekies leff?”

“It was peelering on the 380 Shigway and got schmoozet by a hyoojo kunkertrok.  It lost a neeky that will neebar groo back.”

thescarletpumpernickel (22)

“Oh, Dingle!  Who deed this murriball zeed.”

“The Diddler doodit.”

“Hoelee Schnigglelootz, Dingle, the e-vial Diddler?”

“Yes, twazzim.  He doodit in his hyoojo kunkertrok.”

So, Dingle and Pug Wart hooped ino Dinglemoobeal and rooyered after the Diddler on 380 Shigway tooward Goofram Cidee.  Then they foonicized moonie kloobars, and trayed to bezookle dem.


And back in the Dinglecove, they bezookled loyk no zero had bezookled aphore.


And so, the deed-ecktibe woik dood, the hooperzeroes called the poolize and had them arratatest the Diddler.  But beefor the poolize could arratatestim, the Diddler dood dumm.


Poor Diddler.  We all fool zorry for him.

And the moral of the story is… Eef yoo geds too creativicle wid yer edutting skulls, yoo kann reedie muzz a schtorry oop.

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