Bad Bad Monday


Ah, me… just when things are going fine, it all turns to worry and badness yet again.  Internet scammers won’t leave me alone.  Facebook friends of friends of friends spotted me as an easy mark, a liberal who believes in helping others.  So they become Facebook friends with me as an impoverished youth in Ethiopia begging me to send money so starving brothers and sisters can eat… but Facebook ends up deleting the account due to repeated fraud. I didn’t give them any money, but I wasted a lot of time listening to lies on messenger.


Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break.  Today both the Princess and I woke up feeling ill.  She misses another day for too many times.  After the flu leveled her in January, she will struggle to pass her sophomore year of high school.  I have to struggle with chest pain and worry about going to the doctor and ending up with another huge hospital bill.  And of course, illness prevents earning extra bucks from Uber.  The chest pain is probably the result of acid reflux that woke me in the night after eating enchiladas too late in the evening yesterday.  I hope that is what it is.  I can’t afford more than that.  And yes, I know acid reflux can be a sign of onset of a heart attack.

So I am resting today and getting very little done.  I hope I can still be alive to feel better tomorrow.

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