Mickian Awards Time


I received this Versatile Blogger Award from one of my followers, The Educated Unemployed Indian.  If you follow this link back to the blog, you will find a talented young writer with some journalistic skills and a command of literary English that is obviously developing swiftly.  I would like to thank Binita for believing my goofy little blog deserves this award.

This award, while it is an honor, is a chain award, meaning that when you receive it, you are obligated to pass it on.

These are the rules;


I am not sure I really like chain awards.  I am superstitious enough to fear that there are negative consequences lurking for the winners of this award as well as for the ones who break the chain.  I am also smart enough to know that superstition is a form of ignorance, so I have to keep that under control.

If I have tagged you with this award, then here is an award certificate you can copy and use on your blog to identify yourself as receiving this curse (oops!) honor for your blog.


Here are the seven things that Binita didn’t know about me before making the error of giving me this award;

  1. I am a retired teacher.  I taught in Texas public schools for 310 years.  I taught English to both middle schoolers and high schoolers.
  2. I was born in Iowa in 1456 and am currently 561 years old.
  3. As a story-teller and a humorist, I am also a liar, and exaggerate things by 500 or a factor of 10.
  4. I write novels for young people that are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble that nobody buys and nobody reads when they don’t buy them.  I have made, $16.43 as a novelist, $0.43 of it just last month.
  5. I have recently become a nudist in order to do a writing job about nudist parks in Texas.  And while I am not purty to look at naked, the rumors that people turn immediately into stone when they see me with no clothes on are probably not true.  At least, no one who has ever been in that situation ever told me afterwards that they turned to stone… although they have all been rather quiet since…
  6. I collect stuff.  I have a big collection of comic books.  Another big collection of action figures and dolls.  Pez dispensers, old books, role-playing game books and materials, pictures of sunrises that I have taken myself, toys, and… you know, I could probably use another house to store it all, but then I would also be collecting houses.
  7. I have an I.Q. of about 155.  I calculated it myself in 1980 as a part of an educational statistics course in grad school based on my ACT, SAT, and GRE scores.  The margin of error is about 3%, because, technically I am not a math genius, but I got an A in that class because you only had reach plus or minus 5% margin of error on that project.

I have not yet determined the 15 bloggers I will tag for this award, and I will edit this post and put links to the cursed ones winners below sometime in the next couple of weeks.  As always, you can leave a comment of if you wish to plead to be spared this curse honor, or if you wish to inquire how to offer me a suitable bribe.  And, no, a collection of used chewing gum does not work for me as a bribe.  My wife threw the last one of those in the garbage and cussed me out in a foreign language for accepting it.

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