Totally Terribly Bankrupt

Disney recently unveiled the new President Pumpkinhead animatronic doll that they are putting into the Hall of Presidents at their theme parks.  Scary thing, that.  Scarier still, it would probably make a better President than the one currently in the White House.


Can you tell from this picture which one is the animated lump of unnatural doll parts and metal wires, and which one is the Disney animatronic President?

And in the Congress, the House and Senate each passed a tax reform bill that will reverse-Robin Hood money away from the poor and middle class to feed the never-ending greed of the top one per cent.

Tax Plan


And a third thing that is now revealed this week, devastating for me personally, is my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, signed and finalized on Monday.  My bankruptcy, unlike Trump’s many Chapter 11’s, does not cancel any debt.  I must pay 100% of the money won by Bank of America in their lawsuit against me and 100% of the rest of my unsecured debt with all of my other credit cards like Discover that had to be canceled out.  The only break a personal bankruptcy affords a retired teacher like me is that I no longer have to pay any interest on any unsecured debt.  And Bank of America does not get to take away my house and car and dog and light bulb out of my refrigerator.  They are most certainly disappointed by that last thing.

So, now we get to see the suffering actually come to an end.  Yes, no one must any longer worry about going to Disneyland and being bored by stuffy politician robots in the Hall of Presidents.  Instead the Hall of Presidents will now be one of the scariest horror shows in theme park entertainment history.  A robot Cheeto Man will be horrifically disemboweling and eviscerating the Constitution and portions of the English language on stage in front of children, grandmothers, and everybody.  Rich people will no longer have to suffer the discomfort of knowing that other people have any money at all, or are entitled to any of the wonderful things that only ultra-rich people are supposed to enjoy, like Disneyland, for example.

And Bank of America and its merry band of blood-sucking pirates can rest easy in the knowledge that Mickey no longer has any money to fund undeserved privileges like the ability to think for himself.

Paul Ryan and Donald J. Trump can now sit smugly satisfied and glory in the fact that Mickey’s losses guarantees them a Mickey-less world.



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8 responses to “Totally Terribly Bankrupt

  1. Mickey, major nonpartisan economic/ budget groups have come out against this Tax Bill citing increasing the debt and favoring the wealthy and investors. These include, but are not limited to, The Concord Coalition, Joint Committee on Taxation, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Fix the Debt to name a few. I have seen several Republican lawmakers on camera and none have offered an economic group that favors the bill, citing individual economists.

    It should be noted that many investors are not American, so this Tax Bill will help them as well. It is less a tax policy than a give away. With the CBO projecting our $20 trillion to debt to grow to over $30 trillion before the Tax Bill, then adding the $1.5 trillion more, it shows what poor stewardship this bill. But, the donors wanted it, so they got it. What I don’t want to see is more GOP lawmakers smugly telling me how good it will be.

    The biggest line of all is the following – Tax cuts pay for themselves. The best number from serious study is Tax Bills can have between a 20% to 30% accretive effect, meaning 70% to 80% remains unpaid for. When you hear a Republican say this ask yourself, then why stop there, let’s cut it to 0%. Um, we do have to pay for a few things. Keith

    • I’m guessing that I’m not the only one bankrupt in this week of financial blathering and money pirates. Of course, being morally bankrupt is hopefully a different kind than I suffer from.

      • Mickey, it grows tiresome to see so-called leaders pass something that is quite obvious a repayment for donations to the wealthy and then tell me it is primarily for my good. That is some chutzpah. If trickle down economics worked it would have a better name. But, its original name coined by the Robber Barons in the 1890s was the “Horse and Sparrow Theory” meaning if you feed the horse, what it excretes will be sufficient for the sparrows. Like with this Tax Law, we are the sparrows. Keith

      • The horse and sparrow thing makes me shudder, but it is a very accurate metaphor. It is especially appropriate to Texas politics where they would just as soon shoot the sparrows as pests. You can’t make blanket statements about all Republicans, but they uniformly seem to be horses and are doing a lot of doo doo with the things we are expected to eat to stay alive.

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    • I have to keep writing in the same way a drug addict needs more drugs. I hope, however, that it doesn’t end up being as destructive to people’s lives. Of course you can never tell with humor blogs. The consequences could be devastating.

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