In Your Wildest Dreams

Once upon a time… I remember skies…

Yes, I do believe the Moody Blues deserve a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Because once I had dreams.  I had dreams of great beauty.  I had dreams of knowing the Truth with a capital “T”.  And they played the background music to my youth.  To my days of “Nights in White Satin”.

And I remember skies…  I have seen the same skies that Vincent saw… all swirling passion and spirals of light into darkness.


It is all mystical… and a total mystery to those who have never opened that extra eye that makes everything clear… that chases the clouds away.  The lyrics have meaning that… every time I think about them, the music playing in the background of the theater in my head… means something new, something more than it did… the last time that I listened.


The place that I was born into… the place that grew me into who I am… is represented by a color of sky… a pastel mood… a gentle blue thought.  Ellipsis instead of commas because something… is left out.  More could be said… should be said… and is still there… but only implied.

“Why do you paste all this music into your post, Mickey dear?”

“All the letters I’ve written… never meaning to send… mean… I love you.”

“But, Mickey, who are you talking to?  And why are you crying?”

“I am talking to you, to all of you, and everything… but you won’t understand, never reaching the end.  Life is music.  Music is love.  All of it is beautiful.  And I have had so much of it… that I am drunk on its wine.”

“It almost seems poetic, when you say it like that… I like the Moody Blues… but don’t mess with the lyrics so much.  They are beautiful the way they are.”

“But don’t you see?  Mixing and meddling and rearranging, is what it’s all about.  It’s how you make the old messages… new.”



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