More Tweedle Battles


So, Tweedle Dumb, being me, is getting rooked.  The pool demolition being done by Tweedle Dim is going to get started finally, three weeks late, but it is going to cost me more than planned.  That is because Tweedle Dumber, the city pool inspector, added new wrinkles to the requirements that he didn’t tell Tweedle Dim about until Dim filed for the building permit.  Added work on plumbing and electricity that was actually already done when I was trying to repair the pool has to be inspected and signed off on by a professional in each of the two areas.  The decking has to be completely removed and the pool wall collapsed by 12 inches.  All of that is different than other cities in the area require, and they didn’t inform Tweedle Dim until today.  So I will have to dig up a gold mine or rob a bank by this afternoon.  At least this Tweedle beetle puddle paddle battle is not being fought in a bottle… yet.

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