Thumb-Twiddling with Tweedles


I am caught in an endless loop of waiting for other people to fulfill their promises.  Page Publishing hasn’t done anything with my novel even though I finished paying for it months ago.  They made me undo all the mistakes their proofreader made on my novel, mostly changing “Ms.” back to “Miss”, and after five editing exchanges, they still don’t have my final draft ready.

I am still waiting on my lawyer for the next step in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  That has been a month.  I know that has been my own fault because I got sick while doing endless financial paperwork and got delayed myself.

Even the pool demolition guy keeps putting off the work the city is insisting needs to be done already.  He said he would be here first thing this morning.  It is 10:30 now, and no pool demolition guy, or phone call to explain the delay.  I have only talked to an answering machine.  At least I haven’t paid him any money yet.

So today’s post is a quickly done complaint.  Not particularly funny or well-written.  Just exhausted and tired of waiting on people.

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