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Already twice today my computer has interrupted my blog-post-writing with a computer brain fart instantly erasing everything I had written and was unable to save.  It reduced the essay to nothing but a title twice.  So, have already written my 500 words twice today, I settled on a simpler, shorter post.  Page Publishing sent me back the proofs of my novel Magical Miss Morgan again.  Once again they made new proof-reading errors that changed something so that I have to go to the trouble of changing it back.  It isn’t that the chimpanzees have valid improvements to show me and I am just being Grumpy Mike about changing.  They are making silly omission errors and showing me sentences that don’t make sense any more.

Page Publishing was a big mistake.  But since I have already paid them and am close to getting published, I will push forward rather than hiring a lawyer to sue them.


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2 responses to “Publishing Smublishing

  1. Don’t you have any control over the finished work or is it publish it our way or not at all ?

    • I get the final say on content and completed draft, but I have to keep rereading the thing to see what new changes they make. They are only changing words here and there and verb tenses, but they are making a lot of changes erroneously that I have to put right again. They are not editing, only proofreading, and not doing it correctly.

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