The Muffin Man


Over time, things change.  When I was still teaching, I had to get up by five to leave by six for duty that started at seven and classes at seven-thirty.  Breakfast was an everybody-gets-their-own deal.  It was sometimes skipped all together.

But then my poor health, forty-stop-light commute, and retirement eligibility all conspired to magically change me into a muffin man.

What does that mean, you say?  Will this stupid guy now burst into the kid-friendly version of the muffin man song?

I promise not to sing.

One of my new responsibilities as the retired get-kids-to-school-and-make-breakfast-but not-in-that-order guy is to make breakfast… before taking them to school.

So, I have been learning to cook eggs… and bacon… and sausage… and hash browns.  But having been bit by the early morning baking bug (a big, shiny bacon-colored bug, by the way) I have also added muffins to the morning munch.  Apple cinnamon muffins, cranberry-orange flavored muffins, and best of all… double chocolate.  Making breakfast for the family is fun.  And I get to eat some of it too.  In fact, let me offer you some.  Although, sadly, the muffin man can only provide a picture over the internet.  Instant matter transport into a material synthesizer is still science fiction for now.


So have a double chocolate muffin.  One day soon, I will offer you one for real.

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