Insults and Stupidity



This is a humor blog.  It is not an insult blog, although I do enjoy a good insult done well, especially by master insulters like Jon Stewart and John Oliver who do it to make a valid point.

I do not appreciate when others equate my sense of humor with the poop-flingers who promote hate and violence.  If I thought a joke I made would inspire someone to assassinate the Bozo President, I would stop making jokes entirely.  Seriously… President Pence would have me boxed and euthanized within days.   (See what I mean?  HUMOR!  Not a call to violence.)

I am NOT like Mark Levin .

Who is Mark Levin, you say?  Good for you.  You must have relatively good luck avoiding human Pepe the Frog memes.


Yes, Mark Levin is a radio insult-flinger who hates President Obama and basically all things reasonable.  He argues in favor of the Confederate Flag and the more racist policies and anti-LGBT policies of the Republican Party.  And a Facebook commentator recently sited him to me as proof that Obama really did wiretap Trump Tower during the election.  Which, of course, makes perfect sense, since the Twitter twit-wit tweeter we elected president most likely got his early morning accusation fuel directly from Levin’s radio poop sack.  Or possibly second hand via Fox News who took it from Levin’s poop sack and re-packaged it in a form easily digested by all the poop-loving goobers and gomers (not “gomer’s” by the way) that feast from it.

So why is it critical that I disassociate myself from a radio bad-word-shouter like Levin?

Because I am a word-warrior in the cause of goodness and light, not darkness and evil.


You may have seen recently that a new statue has been installed in front of the Wall Street Bull.  It is a girl standing in a confident and defiant pose.  It is a very timely and very creative statement about where we need to be mentally now.  And I am not ashamed of the fact that it was placed there by liberal pro-women activists.  I hope to be so fearless and determined too.  But it has inspired backlash.  A recent viral meme shows a man in a business suit pantomiming a rape of the statue.  I refuse to show you a picture of that here.  I won’t honor it with any publicity beyond the horrifying fact of it.  But it is the effect the current president has had on the brains of this country.  He has convinced his half of the country that it is okay to have bad, violent, or racist thoughts.  He has made them think that all of their worst desires towards people who are not themselves are now somehow validated and okay.  I won’t stand for it.


This is what it is really for.  Giving little girls the notion that they have the right to stand up against the forces of stupidity is priceless.  No amount of loud, angry insults and poop-flinging can defeat that.



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10 responses to “Insults and Stupidity

  1. Reblogged this on The happy Quitter! and commented:
    Because I am still the same fearless little girl, just in an older body.

  2. Here is classic stupidity via Ben Carson. I guess Ben thinks my ancestors and his booked cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines voluntarily. I Love Trevor Noah.

    Hopefully I will get to see Fearless Girl before she is evicted.

    No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren’t “Immigrants”: The Daily Show

  3. Uplifting picture of the two girls. Keep on with the good work.

  4. Reblogged this on Catch a Falling Star and commented:

    Here’s one I needed to repost before the Orange Twitler actually goes away.

  5. Mickey, the first picture is an insult to clowns. The real clowns know they are trying to be funny. The one in the picture does not know he is riot. This person who conservative David Brooks said of his White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence” just called everyone from SCOTUS to the AG to the Senate incompetent for not supporting his planned fraudulent accusations of wide-spread voter fraud. If that were not enough, the one in the picture and his clown friends have lost 59 out of 60 court cases on voter fraud. That is a huge measure of incompetence and it may wind up with some of his attorneys being sanctioned for wasting the court’s time and having to prove they have evidence against Dominion voting systems who has sued them for defamation. The suit includes the Trump campaign and some news agencies like Fox and Newsmax, who have been airing retractions.

    Mickey could someone tell Louie Gohmert this over in Texas? Thanks, Keith

    • I like that you are no longer honoring the gigantic mutant Cheetoh by his famous name. As for telling Gohmert anything, well…. we have to first find a Rosetta Stone to translate sensible words into Gohmertian Wookiese Maga-speak. It is a language confined to the far reaches of the irradiated swamp that Gohmert comes from. He is NOT my congressman. And never will be. I am also impressed with David Brooks on PBS. That’s what a conservative should be like.

      • Agreed on Brooks and Gohmert. I am referring to the person in the picture as the outgoing president or OP for short. I started to call him Opie, but the latter is too cute and pure of heart on “Andy Griffith.” Keith

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