All the Fake News Going Around is Fake (Believe Me)

The malignant mango we have inexplicably put in charge of our country is calling everything that hits the headlines “Fake News”.  But that is basically because if he says to his true believers that anything bad that is reported is not true, they will believe it and continue to support him even though it goes against everything they have stated they believe for the  course of their entire lifetime.  So our orangutan in chief is reporting that news is “Fake News”, and that report is “Fake News”.    So the “Fake News” about “Fake News” is provably FAKE.  Damn!


Perhaps the Republican Overlords who now rule the Evil Empire get away with warping reality like that because we, as the news-consuming public are simply not paying attention.

Now, I can’t claim that I am hard to fool.  I believe, after all, that aliens have been visiting the Earth for millennia.  I believe that Area 51 is where the U.S.  back-engineered the crashed UFOs from Roswell, and I believe that Bob Lazar is a real human being.  I am almost like a Trumpkin in my devotion to such commonly debunked conspiracy theories.

But I can research my way out of cardboard boxes and confusing bubbles of misinformation.  I recently caught a whiff of alien uproar from a former student’s Facebook post about an article on  (click here for article)  It’s the kind of thing I want to know about if it turns out to be true.  I read there that a NASA spokeswoman, Trish Chamberson, had publicly admitted that the US government is in contact with at least four different alien species, and has been since the Truman administration.  This would, of course, confirm what I have feverishly believed for over half of my sixty year lifetime.

But I made the mistake of Googling Trish Chamberson.  Soap bubbles of Fake News pop easily.


I think we should also be considering the question, “Is there intelligent life living here?” 



It turns out the conspiracy website had taken information from a site clearly marked satire and published it as fact.


Waterford Whispers is largely recognized as an Irish counterpart to The Onion among its primary reader base (in the UK and Ireland). However, previous items from the site have been confused for real news, including reports that the Pope commissioned J.K. Rowling to rewrite the Bible, the Muppet known as “Animal” had died, and that the Vatican decreed Jesus was not returning. has passed on a decent share of fake news items, including claims a baby in the Philippines was born with Stigmata and Edward Snowden had been “reported dead by his girlfriend.”-quoted from

But it is also true that the pile of horse poop given to us to sift through on a daily basis by the rusty orange mouth-poop factory that dominates the nightly news is incredibly vast and mostly unsiftable.  So his tactic of saying real news is “Fake News” which is in itself “Fake News” is almost guaranteed to work.  It is FAKE after all.  Dang!
(And on a side note, the best proof we have that aliens really are visiting the Earth is now sitting in the White House.  Surely you didn’t think anything that orange and awful and full of horse poop was actually human in origin, did you?)


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6 responses to “All the Fake News Going Around is Fake (Believe Me)

  1. yes, to all of this –

  2. Mickey, I would equate the man with the Wizard of Oz. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Believe me, not your own eyes. We have President who five biographers and a six author of his best selling book say he treats truth as a commodity. An attorney who worked for him says he lies about most everything on a daily basis. Those nasty fact checkers say he lied on the campaign about 70% lapping the field and be the biggest liar since 2007, when fact checking began in earnest. These same fact checkers say he is lying about 70% as President.

    Now, we have his press agent saying do not believe the non-partisan CBO when the score the cost of the proposed replacement plan for the ACA. Note this is akin to saying the referees are wrong before the game. The CBO usually gets criticism from each side when they reach a conclusion the party does not like. This means they do their job well. Why the fuss? They will come out and say how much the replacement plan with increase the debt (because at its heart it is huge tax cut for wealthy, while they kick common folks (many Trump supporters per Kaiser) off their plans.

    Outside of the Wizard of Oz comment, the above is all true, but the man says only to believe him. The odds are in your favor to not do so. Keith

    • Fact checking the Oompah Lumpah who is now running the chocolate factory (and putting horse poop in place of the cocoa beans) is a master liar, but he doesn’t conceal his lies well. He slandered Obama, claiming his predecessor illegally bugged Trump Tower only to distract from whatever evil he has done in the name and the interests of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. You just have to look at the laws as they stand after Nixon and Watergate to know that the former president could not have done what Cheeto-head is claiming he did. The president cannot order wiretaps on his own authority. It requires a warrant from a FISA judge. If Obama had even asked it would have left a paper trail. And if there is a wiretap order, then it was the FBI doing it under a judge’s ruling there was probable cause… In other words, Trump is guilty of the thing he is trying to deflect attention from. I am told I am not looking at the facts by the “Fake News!” shouters. But I am pretty sure these ARE the facts.

  3. Had to chuckle at that last comment 🙂
    Thanks for the follow.

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