The Man is Mad


Mad can mean angry.

It can also mean crazy.

It is also a magazine.  He should be happy.  He made the cover.


Mickey made fun of me… sad!  A very sick man!

Do we really understand why the man is mad?

Could it be that too many steaks from Mar-a-Lago have given him permanent heartburn?

Something in his diet is making him have Sith eyes all the time.


There has to be a reason he tells so many lies,

And breaks wind on Twitter to give us all the gas,

To fuel explosions…

The man really is an… Biblical word for donkey.

It must be sad to be him.

Anger… dyspepsia… battling bubbling bile…

He’s really never happy, not even when he smiles.

He made a thirteen year old girl cry recently, sitting in the back of the car,

Watching ICE cart her father away to detention and eventual deportation.

If that doesn’t make him happy, I really don’t know what will.

He is planning to issue a new travel ban.

It will make life miserable for many Muslims…

Including those coming to this country with visas to get life-saving surgery.

Surely allowing something like that, life-saving surgery,  is not worth making the man mad.

He deserves to have his fun.

After all, he won the most amazing election in history…

Without the help of Russian Putin, pudding, and pie…

On a platform of making sure that poor people don’t get affordable healthcare…

The issue the Republican non-silent majority care the most about in life…

Just ask Ted Cruz.


Such a lovely man… to be mad all the time.  I only wish he knew that peace of mind and a quiet stomach come from doing good, eating right, and sleeping soundly at night…even during the Twitter hour.  My life is a physical mess because I don’t have affordable healthcare even with Obamacare… something that will only get worse when the mad man gets his way.  But I am not mad.  I have done good with my life.  I eat right.  And I don’t sleep very well, but that is not my conscience bothering me… especially now that I have given up on tweeting with the twit-wits on Twitter.


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6 responses to “The Man is Mad

  1. Mickey, the man is beyond narcissism. Gronda has called him a psychopath and it is hard to refute her argument as he exhibits almost every trait.

    What he does not realize yet is with the wiretapping claim and James Clapper and James Comey denials, he has sealed his fate putting himself in a corner. He just effectively ended his presidency, as he will be impeached or resign over the next several to many months as this plays out.

    He has accused the former President of doing something he could not and did not do. If a judge did order a wiretap (Clapper and Comey would have known and not admitted it did not happen), the judge would have to have probable cause – the Russian ties were worth exploring. Plus, he has given an opening for a subpoena of the smoking gun, his tax returns, as he is likely beholden to someone.

    If the wiretap is not real, he just made an indictment of the former President, relying on Fox News and Breitbart’s reporting. It is ironic that these two pseudo news agencies lack of veracity may be the cause of his demise. Mr. President, this is why you watch and read real news and listen to your advisors.

    Either way, he has shown an incredible lack of good judgment. All I know, with respect to Russia, there is a lot denial, apology for denial. lying and media bashing going in this White House. I watched Carter Page lie on camera two weeks ago to PBS Newshour and my wife and I looked at each other and said “he is lying.” Guess what, he was lying as he confessed.

    We need for our Republican Congress reps and senators to remember their oath is to the constitution of the United States and not the Republican Party. Keith

    • Wow! I am going to miss being able to make fun of the Pummelo in Chief. It is so easy to make crazy orangutan jokes and laugh about his cheeto-dust make-up and twit-wit tweeting on Twitter.

  2. I believe that Agent Orange has Mad Cow disease! !

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