Sour Grapes and Old Foxes


There are things still to come even though the world ended already.  I am not giving up while I still have life and breath.  I just finished an edit-review of my novel Magical Miss Morgan which I am publishing with Page Publishing, a cheaper vanity press than I-Universe with much lower publishing standards to explain the cheaper price.  I believe they are only providing a mess-up-your-spelling-and-punctuation service in lieu of editing my manuscript.  So I just now finished fixing all the corrections they made that have to be changed back.  Seriously, they wanted to change “Miss” to “Ms.” in the gol danged TITLE!  And they don’t let you write anything in all caps or use the danged … that I so often employ for pregnant pauses.  So, once this book is in print, I spend no more of my own money on publishing.  I will take the rest of my books to Amazon and self-publish.

But the book is gonna be great.  It will be worth the effort because it is among the best things I have ever written.


This is a picture I intend to use on the cover of Magical Miss Morgan.


I continue to put down Trump in this blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.  And I continue to get backlash.  My Trump-supporter friends make excuses and accept whatever kind of an incompetent horror he is without blinking.  Every clever put down I come up with for the Scary Orange Face yields nothing but, “You lost, get over it, libtard!” comments and further insults about Hillary and Obama that they are offended if I don’t laugh at.  But I have not un-followed or un-friended anyone.  They expect me to be civil and accepting in spite of the fact that they were never that for my candidates, even when Obama beat them twice.  But to some degree that is exactly what I have to do for their candidate.  I know them and care about them as people.  The more he betrays them and hurts them, assuming they ever realize that that’s what he’s done, the more they are going to need a friend like me who is capable of tolerating and understanding far more diverse and difficult people than they have ever been able to.  As a former school teacher, I have experiential advantages.  I know how to “love ugly”.


So I will continue to make jokes and entertain, and try to slip a few good lessons into the mix in a way that they will actually take the medicine.  You know how Mary Poppins always recommended “a spoon full of sugar.”  As foxes go, I am definitely the old one in the title.  I am not really a red fox.  I am more of a gray fox now.  And I am not so much crafty and sly.  Just experienced enough that bears and wolves have not eaten me yet.


I will continue to do my thinking in metaphors on this blog, a thing that protects me from a lot of my less reader-ly friends.  Metaphors just make most of them go, “Huh?”  And I will get away with saying things about them and their candidate that might make them want to exercise their “2nd Amendment rights” otherwise.  Who knows?  Maybe I can make life a little better for all of us before the orangutan we elected to the White House gets us all cooked, smothered, poisoned, and killed.


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3 responses to “Sour Grapes and Old Foxes

  1. Mickey, there is a truism that cannot be overlooked. Just because the man won does not erase all of his traits that made him a bad candidate and will make him, at best an unusual president. He is still thin-skinned and cannot take criticism. His ego is large and fragile, so that he cares that he got better ratings than Arnold on his old show. He still does not want to do the homework the job entails – his press conference again revealed his strategy – everything is a disaster and I will make things terrific. Both parts of that statement are false.

    And, if that were not enough, he is going to roll all the traits into his use of twitter and will comment on everything. The world has already become less safe with his Presidency and he has not even been sworn in. We do need an ill-informed man governing by twitter.

    He is our President, so I hope he is successful in some aspects. But, he has not even met my low bar of expectations as an Independent voter.

    Please share that with your friends, courtesy of a 58 year old fart, former Republican.


    • Thank you for the words of wisdom to pass on. I am currently defending my position on Twitter for retweeting Bernie Sanders’ comment on the Senate floor that Republicans repealing Obamacare are giving those of us with pre-existing conditions no choice but to die. So, naturally, they are telling me that I am just a fear-mongering liberal. I am going to need all the support and testimonials I can get.

      • You may get a kick out of my recent post citing an Elvis song. As for the fear mongering, there were three principal reasons I left the GOP back in 2006.
        1) Their position on climate change – if they cannot recognize the greatest threat facing our planet (actually water concerns are first which should appeal to Texans), then why should I trust them with other issues.
        2) Their unhealthy embrace of all issues around the NRA and evangelicals
        3) Their tendency to make things up. The GOP uses fear quite a lot – think Bathroom Bill, e.g.

        That was more than ten years ago. #3 has gotten worse, especially in light of the President-elect who views truth as a commodity. On climate change, even ALEC had to change their hoax posture, because some members were dropping out and Exxon-Mobil is being investigated for misrepresentation to its shareholders about the impact of climate change on its business.

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