First Snowfall 2017


Snow for the first time this winter was a great big “Mehhh!”  It was cold, but by Iowa standards for winter weather, it was a mosquito-bite sized weather event.  That, of course, is not how everyone sees it.


He posted this selfie for the people back home on Facebook.

My eighteen-year-old nephew grew up in Saipan to Filipino parents.  He has never seen snow before.  Much like my wife’s first experience of snow twenty years ago, a little bit of snow was a very big deal.


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5 responses to “First Snowfall 2017

  1. Here in NC, we just got 8 inches of snow. I love it. It always makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. Until the migraine from the bright white of it sets in. Every freaking year, I get a migraine the day it snows. I wear sunglasses to go out, but it never fails. I’m dying by the end of the night. Gonna have to enjoy it at night and sleep through the day on those occasions. Am I turning into a vampire?

    • I hope you are not becoming a creature of the night. You told Van Helsing what State to find you in with this comment. But I grew up in Iowa and spend some cold, miserable winters there. I know what windchill of minus 100 feels like. I can sympathize with your adverse reaction.

  2. I bet he was amazed. Great experience in his life .make sure he wraps up

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