I am now on the recovery end of a six-day bout of flu that came to me as a Christmas gift.  Of course, as an aging diabetic, any encounter with flu is a brush with death.  And of course, it is not really over yet.  I still have to struggle to prevent pneumonia from setting in.  And diabetes can cause depression.  Especially since I have spent a majority of the holiday alone in bed while missing out on the time my number one son has been home for a visit on leave.  My other two children have both been sick too.  Isolation is not a helpful thing during times of illness.  We have to have our family and community in the real world to keep us alive and looking forward.  While I am glad that my son at least had his mother healthy to spend time with, and old friends from school, I mourn for me.  YouTube videos are not enough.  Though there are good ones out there like this one I found while writing this.

Hank and John Green need to be a part of everyone’s community, so I suggest you subscribe to Vlogbrothers on YouTube.  But he makes a very good point.  The internet is a good thing and making people more independent, but it is also eroding our real-world community.  Being retired from my teaching job should not mean I am cut off from the world.  But it does.  I may have to be nothing more than a cyber-person for a while until I can muster enough energy and wellness to burst out of the ground I am buried in and bloom once more in the sunshine.

Does that sound maudlin and depressed to you?  I have already pretty much decided that I believe that Earth is a doomed planet and humanity will soon be guilty of its own extinction.  I am not a born-again Christian looking forward hopefully to Armageddon.  But I do believe human life and all life on Earth has not been a wasted effort on God’s part.  We have added value to the universe.  I can put a wry, happy spin on almost any gloomy thought.  And in many ways, life is a great cartoon show.


When I had the flu as a kid, it meant getting to stay home and watch morning cartoon shows and eat lots of tomato soup with cheese sandwiches.

Yes, not just a cartoon show.  Life is actually an act of epic poetry.  Distilled and fermented and highly potent metaphor and meaning.  It is the reason God didn’t send the four horsemen and the angel of death a little sooner.  And who knows?  Maybe He is not actually done with us yet.  Maybe we will live for another year, and I will get healthier, and more breakthroughs will be made, and…

I am a hopeful pessimist.  The end may come tomorrow.  But likely it won’t.  And I still have more to say to this goofy old world…  But I think that is enough for today.

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