When Life Clips Your Wings


There are days when things just don’t go the way you planned.  My chest is hurting, most likely from COPD meets cold air.  But my son will be home on leave tonight around midnight, back from his Marine base in Virginia.  My number two son has missed two days of school with a low-grade fever and general inability to get out of bed.  I don’t have time or money, for a doctor’s visit today, but may need two of them.  It is hard to soar when you can’t even take off from the ground.  It will get better, one way or another, but sometimes, life just sucks beans.


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12 responses to “When Life Clips Your Wings

  1. Best wishes my friend.

  2. Get well soon number two son.

  3. Hope you are all feeling a little better soon.

  4. I empathise. I had to bring my son up on my own and when of an age he was also a Royal Marine (British Commando). Terrified me to death. Thankfully, he returned unharmed, unlike some of his comrades. I also sympathise with your financial struggles: that was also a constant battle for me. Though problems do tend to continue we are made of sterner stuff and are able to have reasonable successful lives. I rejoice in the fact my son has grown to be a considerate, caring individual though that has resulted in some disappointments for him also.

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