Just Call Me Joe


Yes, the rain clouds are hanging over my old gray head.   I am plunged deeply back into credit card debt by increases in property taxes, a lawsuit by Bank of America, the city  forcing me to get the cracked pool repaired though I can’t afford to do anything more than fix it myself and rain keeps refilling it, a recent car accident, my wife forgetting to pay the phone bill for two months, and the @#%&! family dog chewing up another of my son’s expensive retainers.  Good fortune occurs once in a blue moon, but bad fortune comes in daily waves.

So today is about complaining.  Life sucks… in the sense of a vacuum cleaner (the addendum I always had to add as a school teacher whenever the word “sucks” was used in class).  Life especially sucks (remember… vacuum cleaner) now that we have a dyspeptic orangutan running our country.

The answer, of course, is that we simply have to live with it.  Life will go on.  At least, until it doesn’t.  We are all going to die some day.  Humanity and life on earth will be extinct some day.  We live within the borders of birth and death.  The beginning and the end.

 But life is actually like a book.  It begins and ends.  But the important part is the pages in between.  And we can fill them with good things and lots of love and even more laughter.  Hmm, maybe I should stop complaining now.


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4 responses to “Just Call Me Joe

  1. Oh yes I hear you, we had to replace 2 cars within a month and have only just finished replacing our fire place in the living room, costly business even when doing it yourself, then we have a boiler service, Christmas and endless events at the school that need funding! But we carry on and hope one day it will get sorted!

  2. A dyspeptic orangutan, eh???? That’s putting it nicely….The man and his disciples has little “gay me” losing sleep these nights…our property taxes went thru the roof this year, too!!! We’re moving north. Can’t stand the traffic, too many people and losing what’s left of my little mind. Other than that, life is good! ;)p

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