Concession Speeches

They keep saying, “Get over it, crybaby!” One suspects that there would’ve been far more angry lashing out on Facebook and elsewhere where the blue sphere and the red sphere intersect if the election had gone the other way.  But I get it.  They want to celebrate and glory in it.  The nyeah-nyeah-nyeahs are simply a bully’s way of expressing that.  The Trumpkins and the Trolls have their day in the sun.  Let’s hope the sunlight does for them the things it is purported to do for evil.


But personally I am impressed with the grace and good will that Barack Obama and the Clintons have shown in their concession messages to the President-elect.  I am fairly sure that would’ve been different too if the election had gone the other way.  It seems, in fact, that Trump saying already he may preserve portions of the Affordable Care Act is a direct result of the professional approach used by the current President in talking to the President-elect about transition.  But there is much that remains on a newly defined battlefield that needs to be considered in the war to come.

Peaceful protests are going on everywhere, even in Texas.  (I know there has been some violence, but the intent is peaceful and protesting is our constitutional right.  Don’t even try to tell me the other side wouldn’t be doing worse.)  But we on the losing side accept that we lost.  Just as they now have the right to pursue their agenda, we have the right to defend ours.  And it is supposed to be the case that the argument results in a compromise for the benefit of all.  Let them consider our input.  If not, we still have those who defend us working on the case in Congress.

I am done with being fearful or sad.  I was already facing the darkness directly on a personal level.  I still intend to joke around a lot, and probably call Trump the Orangutan President, but humor is my weapon of choice against the darkness, the way I choose to shine my own small light.  I don’t believe in practically anything the new administration in this country stands for, but I didn’t during the Reagan and Bush eras either.  And there are always ways to find compromise and a solution to every problem.  I concede the election.  But I do NOT give up.  The fight itself may very well keep me alive a bit longer.  I am sure that makes old Cinnamon Hitler quake in his penny loafers.  (Yes, I know he has no idea I am even alive, but there are many things he has no idea about that he really should be worried about now.  Besides, exaggeration is a form of humor too, not just a tool for blow-hards to make themselves look bigger than they really are.)


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4 responses to “Concession Speeches

  1. Would have been nice if a few of those protestors (that did not) voted in FL, PA and MI. Only needed about 400,000 votes sprinkled judiciously.

    • I know people in the Midwest who voted for Trump. Many of them hate the person he is, but agree with the “drain the swamp” thing he kept saying about Washington insiders. Not enough has been done to help the powerless former members of the middle class in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. They spoke out in this election about their pain more loudly than those of us who hate his message of hatred, intolerance, and selfishness. I wish it were different. But we need to come together now and work at taking back everything that we shouldn’t have lost in the first place.

  2. I suppose I would accept the “loss” if it was a true loss where we did not win the popular vote, but the fact is they are now projecting that Hillary will have won the popular vote by well over 2 million votes… which is even more than Kennedy won over Nixon in 1960. We need to be upset about the fact that there is this electoral college that doesn’t value each vote equally. And the fact is the Electoral College was not meant to give people in the country more of the same compared to urban populations as that’s a myth. It was created by a bunch of old white guys who had a lot of money and a lot of power and wanted to decide things themselves, in a country where women and people of color were still considered property. This is not like if John McCain would have won, or even Mitt Romney. Accepting this win means you are accepting an unfair voting system, and when we see 22 million people lose their Healthcare when he repeals Obamacare, or when we watch coal mining and fracking take over the country and mess up our food and water supplies in the name of money, or when we watch him strip away the Department of Education as he promises to along with the Environmental Protection Agency, and people again suffer in the name of money… then perhaps people will realize that they shouldn’t have simply accepted the results of this electoral college system, that they should have gotten up and marched, that they should have fought against this. There is a rapist about to move into the White House, who has promised bigotry. When people show you who they are, believe them… yet all too many want to sit down and “pray” or act like this is just any other election. Remember how many people died because President Reagan refused to acknowledge AIDS in his own bigotry. Remember how Nixon had an enemies list, and how members of Trump’s Brigade have promised that he will have the same.

    This is not a time for sitting down.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. I agree completely. These are the very things I have been stewing about for most of the week. I would include anger at the voter suppression efforts that places like Texas where I live employed to keep poor black and Hispanic voters from voting. North Carolina was a swing State. I think we have to work within the system, however. The Republicans seem to have won everything they wanted. But the overwhelming number of voices raised against them have to count for something. We need to continue speaking out and protesting until something is done about it.

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