Debates Both Dire and Detestable

I have to confess, I turned the debate off halfway through.  It was mean, gray, and dehumanizing.  Pillory Clampton was easily the person that you should choose.  If offered a choice between tainted water and oozing green toxic waste when you are dying of thirst, you choose the tainted water.  It may slowly kill you, but it won’t turn you into a three-headed mutant moose-man.  Disenhearteningly, the mutant orange bag of testosterone and bile won the debate.  He manipulated the course of the debate to his talking points.  He got away with threatening to use the powers of the president to prosecute her and imprison her for the very thing that the FBI already said she couldn’t reasonably be prosecuted for.  He made his cruel and selfish points directly in her face.

When confronted with his terrible rapist fantasy caught on audio tape, he went on a rant about the supposed sex crimes of Pillory’s husband, suggesting that a man who indulged in his own goatish urges in the past with willing women who later changed their minds, is somehow more important to vilify in the press than what come out of his own piggy little mind in the past.  Maybe on this one it isn’t tainted water, but partially poisoned water in the first cup, but I think I would still rather drink it than what he offers in that glowing green cup.

And the subject of Obamacare came up.  The mad orangutan promised to repeal it.  He says it is a total failure and needs to be done away with.  And it is unfortunately true that premiums and co-pays have gone up to ridiculous degrees.  Especially in places like Texas where the lovely governor sabotaged it by not accepting the medicare expansion and all the conditions of the law needed to make it truly work.  But the orange one will take away the protections that keep me alive and off the street.  I have six pre-existing conditions.  Insurance companies hate people like me.  They prefer the ones who pay the premiums and never make claims.  But I can’t afford all the hospital bills and medical expenses my family has amassed over the last decade.  Heck, I am supposed to be on three different maintenance medications that I should be taking every day.  I am no longer buying any of them in order to afford buying food.  I have cut down severely on checking my blood sugar, because diabetic testing supplies have become unaffordable and the insurance refuses to pay for most of it.  I agree that Obamacare needs to be improved, but I will have to give up all hope of ever seeing a doctor again when I am sick if the old Mexican-hater becomes the next president.

I know my opinions count for nothing.  I have not been in good health, and probably won’t be able to go and vote because of it.  Still, I pray that the next president turns out to be a woman instead of the world’s worst malignant sausage on two legs.  Yes, you heard me right.  Donald is the worst wurst in my humble opinion.


Good ol’ Dave Winchuk sez, “You gotta forgive ol’ Trump for locker room talk.  He’s jes bein’ a man.


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7 responses to “Debates Both Dire and Detestable

  1. Hope you are fit enough to vote – your country needs you!

  2. Why any woman or father with daughters would vote for this sorry excuse of a man is beyond me. He was wrong about one big thing in his apology. The video clearly defines the man’s nature and it was not a surprise at all to see it based on his history of exploitation of people for money and sex. If I were the GOP, I would worry about the many videos they have yet to see, as he did not just do this one time, it was and is recurring.

    They should have listened to both Michael Gerson and David Brooks, two of the better conservative pundits, who have been consistent from the outset as do not vote for this man because he will take you down with him.

  3. I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well….these debates are “making a number of us ill”…..I sincerely hope you take a turn for the better very soon. ❤

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