Happy Doodle Day!


Dippy Doodle Dave says, “Howdy!”

Still not feeling well, and still constantly being sabotaged by my fritzy computer, I decided to post a double doodle today.  I can post quick and drippy doodles and fulfill my obligation to posting every day while binge-watching TV.  A doodle, as I’m sure you know, is absent-minded drawing that starts without a plan and is sometimes done without even looking at the paper.  I did them in ink with no under-drawing in pencil… kinda like walking around in blue jeans with no underwear on.  Certain kinds of chafing and shifting can lead to unintended things putting a hitch in your stride.


Doodleburg Castle on the banks of the Doodlestein River

Each of the doodles presented today was completed in about 15 minutes of constant pen-pushing.  So, there you have it.  Have a happy-daffy doodle day!


Filed under artwork, doodle, drawing, humor, Paffooney

5 responses to “Happy Doodle Day!

  1. Nice doodle. I like the castle. 🙂

  2. Seems you’re in a better mood today…

  3. I love doodling and have used it to support blog content. I’m even offering a cartoon doodle to anyone who contributes here.

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