Front Porch Life


How do you make sense out of a crazy world where if you are black and your car breaks down on the highway, the police might shoot you dead, but, at the same time, if you are orange and you cheat people out of millions of dollars with a fake university and a bogus charity, they might make you president?

Well, I remember how sitting on the front porch and just talking could solve all the problems the world had.  Of course music didn’t hurt.  The front porch of the house was once the family’s contact point with the outside world.  It was the place where you stop for a moment and think about things before you go out to face the world.  It was where on Sunday afternoons in the 1960’s I sat and listened to Harmon Killebrew and the Minnesota Twins play baseball on the radio with my Great Grandpa Raymond.  And practically every dad was the kind of dad Andy Taylor was to Opie, because they talked to you for a minute on the porch.


So, what is the best advice I can give you with my limited wisdom?  Turn off the TV, the computer, and the I-phone… for a while.  And come to the front porch.  Take the wicker chair by the door.  Put your feet up.  Sit a spell.  And lets talk a while.


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2 responses to “Front Porch Life

  1. I wish we still had those good old days of innocence.

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