Twits and Wits Tweet on Twitter

Unlike Donald Trump, Twitter is a complete mystery to me. I was told by a publisher that to sell my writing, I need to create a writer’s platform.  And  to do that I had to blog and create a presence on Twitter.  So somehow, goofy little Mickey needs to learn how to tweet.

“Like a bird?”, asked Mickey innocently.

“No, you feeb!  Like a true Tweet-Wit like Ricky Gervais!”


So I gave it a try.


Basically I spend my Twitter-tweets on tweeting my blog posts.  It makes me happy, though I don’t notice any affect on the flow of the Twitterverse.

I get lots of followers like this one who appears a little over-friendly.


I’m not sure what to make of tweeting twits on Twitter.  They all seem to want something from me, and I have no idea what it is… unless they want money… which I have none of…


Disney cartoon characters trick you into following them because they seem to be cute little Disney things, but they only tweet stuff about sex and women with big baby-feeders.  What is up with that sort of mixed-hormonal nightmare?


The political stuff all seems to be conservative in nature.  Twitter, just like Facebook, wants me to vote Republican and forswear my wicked communist-democratic leanings that make me think terrible un-American thoughts, like “maybe Colin Kaepernick is not entirely wrong-headed about his protest.”


Some of them just want to gross me out.


A lot of it, however, looks amazingly like Facebook stuff.  And if you look hard enough, there are funny and insightful things too.


So, I will try harder to Tweet like a tweet-wit, and make a mark on Twitter that is not hopelessly twit-like.


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