Point by Point


I was enumerating yesterday all the bad things that make my life exactly the way I expect it to be as a total pessimist.  Of course, I left out that I am fully expecting Donald Trump to be the next president of this country.  Yes, I expect the worst to happen.  Hillary Clinton will not beat Trump either because of her toxic unfavorability or because the email thing will bring down an indictment to nullify her eligibility to be president.  And all my conservative friends who love Trump will continue to dance happy dances and sing about me being a hopeless “lib-tard” who doesn’t really know anything about anything as Trump continues to rob them and make their lives more miserable with the help of the government he will control from the inside.

Yes, one of the biggest downers about being too smart for your own good is, you see past the lies everyone tells themselves, and perceive the darkest of the truths that lurk behind them.


I got this meme from a high school friend who served in the Navy and became a firefighter… an honorable public servant no matter how you look at it.

In the meme to the right, I am characterized as a self-centered numb-noggin who thinks his opinion is more important than the realities of this person’s life.  It makes me sad that my childhood friend believes this is true about my political beliefs.  But I am not claiming to be oppressed.  Well, maybe by Trump once he does away with the healthcare law that guarantees insurance companies will cover me despite six pre-existing conditions.  This is a straw man argument that sets up liberals as unreasonable norks that want the law to dictate that everything should be the way liberals want them to be.  That is not the way I see being a liberal.




I choose rather to look at what people are saying on all sides and make decisions based on my hopefully broad and enlightened mind.  I would never advise someone to have an abortion.  But I do care what happens to children once they are born.  Are we limiting their suffering when they are not wanted by anyone?  When they are born into poverty?  When they drink lead-contaminated water and are subjected to brain damage and death because the conservative government decided saving money was worth the risk?  I believe all people are deserving of respect and all people have value.  I have gay friends and former students.  Their existence in this world enriches it, and I am not ashamed to know them.  I would never ask one of my conservative friends to marry another man… or marry anybody.  I have a wife who is from a foreign country and her road to citizenship is still not traversed.  Could we be making that road harder than it needs to be?

I am a liberal.  But I would not call myself a tax-and-spend liberal.  I would rather see the money we already pay in taxes go for better public schools, better roads and bridges and public works, less expensive, or even FREE college education for my struggling children, rather than tax breaks and corporate wellfare for GE, Pfizer, and Exxon.  Is it too much to ask that our taxes be spent on us rather than enhancing corporate profit margins?  And couldn’t millionaires and billionaires afford to pay the same percentage of taxes that I do?  Maybe even more because they have more?  Why does believing these things make me evil?  Or stupid?  Or any of the other things that my conservative friends tell me that I am because I am a liberal?  I would rather reason things out than simply insult others, something the other side of this argument doesn’t make a habit of doing.

I have no problem saying, “Black lives matter.”  They do matter.  And they have not been treated fairly.  Not Trayvon Martin.  Not Michael Brown.  Especially not Tamir Rice, the twelve year old shot to death for having a toy gun.  These are children who are not to blame for their own deaths.  So I am not burdened to add “…All lives matter” because it goes without saying.  White and Asian lives have not been snuffed out in Walmart’s toy section for handling an air rifle.  I guess I must be a reverse-racist for saying this like I have been told on Facebook.

I am a liberal.  So shoot me.  Er… rather, don’t shoot me.  But be patient with my fact-heavy and logic-heavy arguments.  If you are a Christian, then weigh my arguments against what you know in your heart Jesus actually would do.  I know scripture.  I have read the entire Bible more than once.  I am confident my wanting government to do what helps the greatest number and harms no one will stand the test.  And I am preparing to deal with a President Donald Trump who probably won’t see it that way.



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5 responses to “Point by Point

  1. As an Independent voter, who left the GOP in 2006, I call myself fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I left the GOP ten years ago because of its stance on climate change, which was wrong then and that was ten years ago. My thesis is if you cannot admit the greatest threat facing our planet, how can I trust you with any other issue.

    But, it does not stop there. I left also for an unhealthy embrace with evangelicals and the NRA. They have stopped thinking as parents and they certainly are not answering well the question WWJD.

    But, the final issue is overarching. The GOP with a Fox News in its pocket has tendency to invent news. While both sides embellish and sometimes lie, it is not an even distribution and is heavily weighted to the GOP. If we looked backwards from 2030, the GOP is on the wrong side of more issues than not. And, many do not realize this. Trump is not an outlier in the GOP in being on the wrong side of the issues. He just is louder and more obnoxious.

    • Wow! This is a very well-thought-out analysis. If only I could get some of my GOP friends to think things out this carefully. I’m tired of having to worry about what they are doing to themselves as they increasingly vote against their own interests.

      • Thanks. I saw our GOP led Congress decided that gays and lesbians had enough rights yesterday. I thought my address said the United States.

  2. Sending a big hug huge your way to say thanks for being you. I’m on your team brother! And I’m trying to devise an exist strategy in the event the unthinkable does occur. While Donald is making “America Great Again” I’ll be establishing my new life in some place where the government takes better care of its people–which won’t be too hard to find considering what our government will become with him at the helm. (Shriek of terror) Trying to be positive here. Deep breaths.

    • The good thing about Donald Trump is that he will be even more fun to make fun of than George W. the Lonesome Cowboy. After all, the man is orange and has tiny, tiny hands.

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